A topic which brings much doubt and tests the faith of newcomers in Jyotish is the topic of Ayanamsa. Where western sidereal astrologers are almost forced to take the plunge into learning the intricacies of the ayanamsa and thereby choose the ayanamsa they like the best, vedic astrologers are presented with a peculiar situation where faith tends to be the compelling factor in choosing ayanamsa. To explain ayanamsa it becomes necessary to describe two different zodiacs, the Niryana chakra and the Sayana chakra.

These are two different zodiacs in a sense. The Niryana is based on the stars and the Sayana is based on the equinoctial points, i. The Niryana or star-based zodiac is moving in comparison to the Sayana chakra, which is seen by the stars being in different positions during the same time every year. This difference between Niryana and Sayana chakra is called Ayanamsa.

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In an attempt to explain the cause of the ayanamsa two major theories have arisen: luni-solar theory and what some are calling the binary theory.

The luni-solar theory was initially referred to by Copernicus and later Newton, and has been modified several times ever since. The theory is based on the idea that the reason the stars are changing with reference to the earth, is because earths angle to them is changing.

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The reason for the many modifications of the theory, is because its based on the idea that the Sun and Moons gravity is the cause of the earths changing angle. Here we come to the binary theory. This theory is much closer to home and coincides with some of the Vedic concepts of the universe, namely that the Sun is moving around another point, i. Dhruva or some other fixed point. See, the Moon revolves around the Earth in about 27 days.

This is a lunar return. So the Moon has to spend 2 days extra catching up with the Sun to complete the full moon phase. Because the earth has to spend more time moving forwards around the Sun it appears as if the stars are moving backwards every year. This brings us to the entire predicament of the ayanamsa… the rate at which it is moving!

The rate at which its moving is called precession. The ayanamsa moves based on the star positions with regards to the equinoctial points, and it has been found that the precession speed is changing. Therefore for a complete cycle around the zodiac, it would take about 25 thousand years with present information. This is a completely wrong approach. Some intelligent programmers have instead based their ayanamsa calculations on actual ephemeris data of star positions.

Therefore the goal of astronomers and astrologers today is to define and make a model which can imitate the precession. We are not left without clues from the seers of the vedas.

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According to Surya Siddhanta[3], the circumference of the nakshatras wherein the stars exist are sixty times larger than the circumference of the earths movement around the Sun. By this is implied that it takes sixty times longer for the Sun to progress one degree, than it takes the earth. Therefore it takes 60 years before the Sun has progressed one degree in the stars, and years before it progresses two degrees.

This makes the average rate of precession of the ayanamsa one minute per year. Assuming this data to be accurate, it would give a cycle lasting years before the Sayana and Niryana chakras aligned again. Today the most common choice among the vedic astrologers is the Lahiri ayanamsa. The reason being that the ayanamsa was selected by a committee after intense scrutiny. The Lahiri ayanamsa is based on the Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa.

There are two main ayanamsas given in the vedic scripture namely Revati-paksha and Chitra-paksha.Ayanamsa is the Sanskrit term. Precision of equinoxes is the most popular translation to this word. It is defined as the angle by which the sidereal ecliptic of a celestial body is less than its tropical ecliptic longitude.

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The sidereal ecliptic longitude of a celestial body is its longitude on the ecliptic defined with respect to the fixed stars. The tropical ecliptic longitude of a celestial body is its longitude on the ecliptic defined with respect to the Vernal Equinox Point.


The angular distance between vedic first point and the vernal equinox is the Ayanamsa. There are so many other definitions on Ayanamsa and so many values taken by different scholars at different times. This point is not fixed and equinox moves westward with reference to a fixed star. The difference between this fixed point and vernal equinox is known as Ayanamsa which separates the Nirayana system from Aayana, and this difference is called Citrapaksha Ayanamsa.

Procession of the equinox as mentioned above takes place because of wobbly motion of earth as it is bulging at the equator. The Moon and the Sun exert gravitational pressures which leads to slight change in rotation of earth on its axis.

This procession of the equinox creates Sayana and Nirayana system. The procession of the equinox is nearly At present the Ayanamsa is approx.

Horoscopes which are prepared on the basis of different Ayanamsa reflect different planetary positions. At least 10 horoscopes with different planetary longitudes can be prepared for each individual.

Due to complex influences on our universe and new astronomical facts coming to light, various corrections are needed from time to time. For ready reference of Ayanamsa, a table of Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa is given in all ephemeris. The interesting question is : What is the fate of amateur astrologers with this confusing system of Ayanamsa.

Even eminent astrologers face this problem while trying to give accurate predictions with timings. According to experts, Ayanamsa cannot be fixed to some base year and there is every need to review the same once in at least ten years.

Now we have sophisticated technology and with the help of the same, it might be very easy to carry out the same once in ten years. What astrologers and common man require is accuracy in predictions and more or less accurate timing of incidents. Sruthi Astrology appeals to the community of Astronomers and Astrologers to take up elaborate research on this aspect and review the Ayanamsa once in ten years and publish the same for use by astrologers.

Rao has shown successfully that Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa is best as has been tested by him for predictions on many horoscopes. Importance of Ayanamsa lies in the fact that fixed zodiac has a permanent relation with the star constellations while moveable zodiac does not give us definite position for arriving at accurate predictions. Home All Tags All Categories. Ayanamsa - What is Ayanamsa.There are various systems of Ayanamsa that are in use in Hindu astrology also known as Vedic astrology such as the Raman Ayanamsa [3] and the Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa [1]but the Lahiri Ayanamsa, named after its inventorastronomer N.

Lahiri, is by far the most prevalent system. Ayanamsa is believed to have been quantified in Vedic texts at least 2, years before the Greek astronomer Hipparchus did so in B. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ayanamsa.

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There is about a 24 or exactly In Vedic astrology today, the most popular amsa systems are Lahiri ayanamsa and KP ayanamsa. It is quite clear through simple observation that these markers for the placement of degrees does not exactly map the exact sky. Just download the app night sky and look at your planters in the signs at the time of your birth.


Before A. D astrologers could not map the exact sky with the constellations in the way technology can do so now.


For this reason Vedic or eastern astrology map the constellations at all equal sizes at 30 degrees. The system is not absolutely refined to match the actual stars and heavenly bodies. Kantas Ayanamsha is quite new to astrology and by far maps the true sky delivering a whole new way to appreciate astrology.

We are in the beginning process of refining astrology to a whole new level. Western, Vedic astrologers, and true Sidereal astrologers all have remarkably profound intuitions.

Astrology has strayed far away from a scientific base. Astrology is as corrupted as the spirituality of today. The term mainstream corresponds to when the collective or when a hive minded society begins to form ideas, concepts, and forms of their own. We see this with all communities. Everything begins to sound the same. Every noticed when we read memes, or when we read funny comments, the collective has a personality of its own that we all can connect to. When we hear a new song by a popular mainstream artist, the same thing happens.

The biggest astrology accounts on here are ones that just make astrology memes!! Do you get to what in pointing at?Overview Specs.

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Ayanamsa Calculator Publisher's Description. From MysticBoard: Ayanamsa is the longitudinal difference between the sidereal zodiacs or Nirayana and the Tropical zodiacs or Sayana.

Ayanamsa And the Sidereal Zodiac

So far as the type of difference is concerned, this is the angular difference between the tropical and the sidereal longitudes. There are three methods of ayanamsa calculation, namely, Lahiri Ayanamsa calculation, KP ayanamsa calculation and Raman ayanamsa calculation. You might wonder why it is necessary to know the difference between the sidereal and tropical longitudes.

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Such differences bring out the exact information regarding the position of your birthplace and also the astrological planetary positions. Again, such accurate details about planetary positions are necessary for the generation of a perfect horoscope or natal chart. The significance of ayanamsa is that if the exact birth place, the time of birth is provided. It also tells you everything about your nature, personality traits and also the various possibilities in your life.

Ayanamsa - What is Ayanamsa

What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. Full Specifications. Screenshots Next Back.I have tried my level best to keep the continuity of the mathematical concepts and thought process involved.

The following are some of the constants used in the derivation. What is the formula to find Tropical year length? Words used. The substratum over which the Calendar phenomena occurs. The fixed reference against which movements are validated.

All this helps to assess time calandaramand that is why the word Calendar. People used to mix-up the above two. Zodiac and Calendar phenomena are entirely dif- ferent things. Basic concepts. Fixing of theZero ayanamsa year, in which anomalies pops up. The Basic concepts are —. The starting point of Aris is 0 away from the fiducial star Moola. Let us try to answer this question. The 3 Entities. While considering the rhythm of Equinox and sun, considered by the saints and inherent in Yuga system 3 entities comes in to consideration.

They are. That is the year begins in Chaitra-sukla-prethipada It means that not only Sun but Moon also should be there in Meshadi. Only a year in which all these 3 entities coincided can be taken as the Zero-Ayanamsa year. Concepts inherent in Suryasidhantha.

The mean-equinox since the beginning of Kaliyuga as per Suryasidhantha can be expressed as. Hari says that, both these equations can be shown to be true by computation. At the expiry of. Taking the ayanamsa of K 0 to be 46 0 40 for the sidereal zodiac implicit in Suryasidhantha:. Coincidence of the sidereal and tropical zodiac requires to be equal at some year after Kali yugadi.

Therefore equating 2 and 3we get. That means, the sidereal and tropical longitudes of sun coincided at the expiry of Kali This is the year in which sidereal and tropical longitudes of sun coincided. This is the importance of the year AD.

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It is the zero ayanamsa year, derived by a computation across years from the epoch of Kaliyugadi. The Ayanamsa is roughly 46 more than that of Lahri Ayanamsa Chitrapaksha ayanamsa. There is some miner error. The calculations matches well for the year But Hari does not stop here.

He searches for the root cause of that error. But why is it so? We should find out how and why this error crept into their calculations. A similar problem can be observed if we look at the years AD. Some say that he compiled the work in AD.

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Some are of the opinion that these numbers have nothing to do with the year of birth or year of Aryabhateeya compilation, but that it is the zero ayanamsa year].In this class we will discuss pertinent information relative to the Ayanamsa, Nakshatras and the Rasis. This will be an astronomically centered class during which I will discuss the results of my researches into these most paramount astrological topics, which are the very foundation of the science.

I discuss some very controversial issues in this class, some of which may cause you to revisit your horoscope in an entirely new way. If you would like to discuss your chart or any other charts that you may be testing for purposes of seeing which calculations are more accurate, please feel to call me or Email Me and we can set up a time to discuss it.

I am offering this service free of charge because I consider the calculations that us astrologers use to be of greatest importance and so I am always happy to discuss them or to examine charts in light of the different calculation possibilities. Before you listen to this class, make sure you read the following article and download the following diagrams, otherwise the class will not make much sense.

Mystery of the Zodiac Article. Ayanamsa and Rasis Class To listen to this Free Jyotish Class, click on link to listen right away, or right click on the link and select Save Target As to save it to your computer for future listening.

Ayanamsa and Vedic Astrological Calculations In this class we will discuss pertinent information relative to the Ayanamsa, Nakshatras and the Rasis.

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What exactly are the Nakshatras? How are they different than Rasis? What exactly are the Rasis? What Ayanamsa is both scientifically sound and works best in practice?

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